funny! Chinese football reproduces the amateur: the banned players have not been discovered!

On November 6, the Football Association Cup official news: Henan player Liu Jiahui stopped the next round, Shandong Taishan VS Henan first round score is effective!

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The Football Association also gave this description of this matter and said that the event information system and the Chinese Football Association’s competition have failed, leading to the first round of the Henan team and the Shandong team’s football team’s first round. The Commissioner decided that the player Liu Jiahui was in the second round,Liverpool Jersey the score of the first round was effective.

Obviously, Chelsea Jersey this is another big scandal of Chinese football! A player who was banned is actually played, and now there are so many foothold officials not perceived. This amateur funny operation is really laughing. If the Henan team is deliberately drilling, the Football Association is not punished; Manchester United Jersey if the Henan team is not intention, then it is in the face of the Football Association.

However, it is used to Chinese fans. After all, the U23 policy has restricted the wonderful policy of the number of people in each team, and the Chinese fans have no powerful. No wonder many foreign aids playing in China, saying that Zhongchao is a Lionel messi Jerseynon-professional league, but amateur league.