Former Texas people star external relay is quite Watson gets Huozi: Isterby does not do a good thing

January 13 (Wen / ESPN Sarah Barshop Compilation / Love) Houston Texas Recently, due to the main four-point guards Shaun Watson occupies a large number of news-headed positions for the team’s general manager process, But now, people who are dissatisfied with the Delin management of Texas is not only Watson. Team before the team Exterior hands Andre – Johnson recently released a tweet, powerful Watson’s attitude, and said “If I am Watson, I will stick to my position.”

“Texas is known for the career of the player.” The front star took over to talk about his old people. “Since Jack-Isterby joined, this team did not have a good thing, and some people seemed to be disappeared, how sad!”

This Twentte triggered another response to the front of Texas people, who was taken away from the super star that was traded to the red rickets in March last year. De Andre-Hopkins. Hopkins replied to this Twitter: “When De Andre is talking, you should listen.”

The dissatisfaction of Watson has thus caused the new general manager for the former Texas. refer to. However, the team’s high-level finally made a decision of Nick Cário in a small range, and did not inform Watersen in advance; Watson also knew this information on social media, which made him feel that he is not respect. So he released a tweel called “Some things will never change”, although this twemer has been deleted, but his slogan with the team does not seem to have this smoke.

The team history of the Texas people is not long, and Johnson, this work for the Temple of Texas in 2003-2014, and currently maintains the number of team history records and the number of teams. His last season in Texas is the first season of the former coach Bill O’Brien. After retired, he joined the Texas people’s coaching group under the guidance of O’Brien; August, Johnson from the coach The group is separated, but the image ambassador, still serves as the team, and has a lot of experience with Eastby for more than a year.

The Eastby is the Executive Vice President of Dezhou, in 2019, was hired by O’Brien and team CEO CEO-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc-McNah, O’Brien was fired. Lifting, responsible for the team’s personnel work this season. It has been reported that he did not play a positive role in a multi-crazy trading in Texas in the last two years, and even asked as the chief culprit of Texas “collapse”.

McNeri initially said that Eastbi will not participate in the process of recruiting new general manager, but in the end, he admitted that he went to the opinion of Eastbee compared to Caserio.

Castrio also talked about Eastby at the press conference: “Jack and my relationship are really special, which can be traced back to many years. I respect and admire him, but in any personnel decision We will do with a team’s situation. This is the responsibility of McNere, I have to do the team’s personnel. Jack will continue to play an important role, we will cooperate in some things, this is Something; but in terms of football decisions, the joint decision of my main coach will be final decision. “