Former King Boss: To now I still think about the widget of the Lakers, we should take 2, 3 champions.

Beijing time on December 3rd, recently, the former King team boss and Maruv talk about the 2002 Western Finals in the interview.

Maruph said: “Unbelievable memories, we and the Lakers series, I remember that G5 or G6, when we were at home, Bibi made a key ball, it was very incredible. I still think about it today, thisI can’t move away from my mind. We should win 2 or 3 champions, very unfortunately the next year Weber knees are hurt. My family and players have a good feelings, we sometimes sometimesIn the
summer, we are a whole, we should win. “

In the 2001-02 season, the kings took 61 wins and 21-lost performance performance, the first year, in the western finals of the year, 3-4 missed the Lakers, the Lakers swept the New Jersey Net Network in the finals.

In 2013, the Maruf brothers sold the Kings in $ 534 million.

(9th Five Pig)