Football is the world! Legend "White Team" has fewer people

On August 13, Beijing time, China’s professional witnesses, Tianjin football, and the famous football explanation, Li Yuanku, who died, and enjoy 87 years old. After learning the news of Li Yuanku, Tianjin football is high, and the first time, the first time, said that “a very respectable old football person” describes Li Yuankui.

For Tianjin Football, Li Yuanku is a banner, but he is essentially a territory Beijing. Li Yuankin was born in Beijing on March 15, 1934, and the right guards on the football field. In 1953, he participated in the first National Youth Championship after the founding of New China, and was selected in the same year in October. In August 1954, he went to Hungary with the Chinese youth team, returned to China in October 1955. In the 1956, the Beijing Youth Party participated in the national football league held in Xi’an and won the championship.

Li Yuankui and Tianjin football have begun since 1957. In February, Chinese football was divided into national red team (a team) and the national white team (two teams), Li Yuankui and her 13 players have followed the team leader Wang Boyqing and coach Shao Xiankai Kaikai adjusted Tianjin, since then, Li Yuankui The words “Tianjin” were printed before the ball.

According to Gao Fuxiang memories, in 1962, he had to retire due to the back of the golden age, and went to the Beijing Sports Team. Later, the Tianjin Youth Team came to Beijing to play. At that time, the two people brought the team for Li Chauui and Li Yuankui. The two were very surprised. Why did the two have left the stadium in such a golden age, “Later they let me go to Tianjin to kick, because Li Yuankui guidance is Beijing people, so I am arranged by him from Beijing. When I don’t have him, I don’t want to put on the ball shoes again, and I can take root Tianjin. “It is because Li Yuankui’s eyes Gao Fuxiang can become a household name in Tianjin football.

Soccer Jersey DiscountAfter Li Yuankui retired, he has been engaged in coaching. In 1991, he was working in Tianjin Technical Department. In February 1993, Tianjin Samsung, Li Yuankuo entered the Club Training Department. Until 1999, 65-year-old Li Yuankuo opened a more familiar football explanation. “At that time, his two children were big, and he himself alone, there was no burden, I went to Singapore.” Gao Fuxiang recalls. From May 2007, Li Yuankui in the Singapore ESPN Sports Channel in Singapore, served as a Chinese explanatory guest, and Gao Fu Xiang’s commentary for Li Yuankui, using such a word evaluation: “He has strive for business, especially for Europe. It is more than anyone. “It can be seen that Li Yuankuo’s ability to speak in football is one of the leaders of the leader.

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In August 2007, Li Yuankuo left Singapore to return to China, and entered the Tiansheng European football channel to serve the Yingchao commentary, and then in Sina, LeTV, PP Sports and other platforms continue to do English-ultrasound.

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After Li Yuanku left Tianjin, he has returned to Tianjin to participate in the activities of Tianjin football. The 50th anniversary of Tianjin football team, the 60th anniversary and the national white team re-gathered in Tianjin, and there was Li Yuankui’s figure. Nowadays, Li Yuankui’s death can be described as a major loss in Chinese football. At this year, 14 white team members were only Sun Yuanyun (Dalian), Su Yongzhi (Guangdong) and Zhang Shuihao (Shanghai), three old husbands.

In the view of Gao Fuxiang, Li Yuankui is the absolute good person in the Chinese football world. He is sincere and sincere, and it is “a very respectable old football person.”

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