Five yoga movements suitable for football players

Today’s football match is getting faster and faster, so the player’s body load is getting bigger and bigger. After the competition is tight than the competition, the player’s mind and the body are eager for a moment, and yoga is just satisfying them in this regard. Demand.

In fact, many athletes do yoga because they often get hurt. Yoga is starting from prevention, slowly improving muscle strength, enhancing body stability, increasing balance, coordination and physical perception, etc., can also enhance physical awareness while avoiding physical injury, reducing The possibility of injury.

Giggs: Foot Examination Yoga Promotion Ambassador

In the world football, it is the most fascinated by Yoga. From March 2, 1991, the gnews news live career office was completed. By the announcement on May 19, 2014, the Welsh is effective in Manchester United. It is the number of players in the history of the team. It is also the longest player of Manchester United. It is called A Changchun tree in the world football. The reason why you can play so long, Giggs also benefits from yoga.

When he was about 35 years old, he was often injured, and his career seems to go to the end. He often selection 11 people, it is the stage, he began to practice yoga, he found a teacher, the teacher’s hand, the students, including Manchester City and Some players of Manchester United, Giggs quickly returned to balance, he has been playing 41 years.

Yoga teacher gives a class

The Football Club in many countries has long been included in the daily exercises, such as the Premier League West india news contact number Bromwick, and even their fixed yoga teachers. Yoga teacher regularly giving these players to help them improve flexibility, stability, and professor they are Yin Yoga, helping them to improve all aspects of physical joints, connective tissue, fascia, and use yoga to reduce and avoid sports. damage.

For teen players, they are very important to pay attention to their body development, for all levels of football players, participate in yoga class to improve their functional strength, balance, flexibility, strength, breathing skills and focus are extremely beneficial of. I will share 5 yoga movements today, I hope to help you:

This action is very useful, allowing the hip, shoulders and abdomen muscles, and keeps the breathing and exercise synchronize, and it is crucial to display fast on the court, and it is important to be difficult to display fast.

This posture will increase the strength of the leg while the stretching strand, and increase the rotation of the back, and persist in exercising this posture can also help you improve the balance.

This action can increase the strength of the abdomen and hip muscle, and the change in the elbow can deepen the abdomen tightening and enhance the wrist joint.

This action will enhance your former triangle muscle, stretch the biceps, neck and spine, and stepping on the legs, condole, calf and hip muscles.

This posture is a long-term deep grip for 3 minutes, and the groin and the inside of the thigh will be released. Not only can you slow your tired, but also prevent injuries.

The athletes repeatedly aaj tak news live today in hindi 2017 repeatedly, long time, some muscles, bones and joints are sensitive to excessive use, easy to straighten or strain. Those muscles that are not commonly used will gradually become weak because of lack of exercise. If the body is seriously imbalance, it will cause injuries. At the same time, athletes under the high pressure of losing and winning, live in the expectations of everyone, with the opponent, with themselves, and the body and mind are very easy to imbalance.

Yoga, it is precisely a balanced art.

Apply Yoga to sports training, you can relax the stretched part, exercise weak parts, so that the body meets the balance and stability, improves physical expression, reducing and preventing exercise damage. At the same time, breathing and meditation can also bring to their body and mind to relax. Whether it is the game, during current news headlines the game, yoga can provide the football players to provide the football players unexpected help.