Find a confidence in a battle? The bear coach praise the new show quarterfield

Chicago bears ushered in the ninth week of Monday Night, opponents Pittsburgh Steelman. The worst offense of the Bear League pair’s excellent defensive group of steel people, and their average proposal has only 264 yards, and only 127 yards of the pass, but when the bear team is lost at 27-29, this game Attacks show a completely different look.

The rookie quartz gaastin-Philz 29 passed the most 291 yards in the career, and the 1-time Dali and 1 case were obtained. He also rushed 45 yards, so that the total number of bear teams reached 414 yards. Especially when the fourth quarter is over, the bear 20-26 is behind, Fürtz passes the 75 yards advanced by 7 offensive, and finally connected Darer Muni to complete 16 yards, helping the bear team. Implementation. It can be said that this is the smoother wave of offensive this season. Filz has been very accurate several times. Although a few minutes later, the big director wins the attack, but people are difficult to be discounted by Filz’s performance.

Before Filz with the ball, the bear coach Matte-Naji said that there was such a special moment, he can feel peace of mind on the field. He even looked at the rookie four defense around him and found that he was so excited.

“When they shoot, I don’t know why, I don’t know why, I can feel the confidence of the players. I looked at Justin, and his face was smiling, it would seem to take over the game. Naji said: “See these, as a coach, I am confident. I mean, he seems to be looking forward to the arrival, then walking on the court, and the team is great, so when You talk about his growth and talk about attacks, this is a very important moment for him. “

Muni also said that although the team’s game is in an unfavorable environment, Fürz is very calm. “His whole game is very confident, he also keeps us calm, keeps optimism, let us know can continue to score, we will win the game, keep a focus.”

It can be said that in the past few weeks, the first round of the Ohio University is more than the past. No one, then question his arm talent, he was more accurate and threatened. He is more good at finding an offensive rhythm, showing his power.