FIFA Master | The latest sequel of the crystal diamond series – the crystal drill selection team set!

Small partners, a new series of crystal diamond crystal diamond selection There have been many strong players and we see it today, let’s look at a crystal diamond selection team composed of sets of series!

The formation we chose the familiar 433 ball formation, the width of the back four to protect the defense in the backcourt, midfielder configuration greatly enhance the sense of depth defense, midfield as both offensive and defensive transition point, sidewalks, two wingers Responsible for counterattacking, speeding up the rhythm, and web news in hindi improving attack efficiency. The overall array is attacked, very stable.

The front line we chose the recent very hot Hickju as the core forward, his mobile and excellent running will make the opponent difficult to defend. Tottenham winger Son Heung-Min aspects from the ranks of the left, his great speed combined with smooth dribbling, offense can play in promoting the wing, cut inside to score multiple different roles, etc., it is among the small Chiesa Right, his startup is extremely fast, and the body is fighting out, the disc is excellent, but also retreats to the ball to relieve the middle of the field. It can be used as a small explosion point, the main counterattack, and improve the team’s counterattack.

We chose the Varnale Dunm geese Schkols, Maclais as the back waist. Venaldham runs positive, delicate hand, and is also google news feed very outstanding in the peripheral score. When used as a B2B midfield, Skols is also a positive midfield, as a conversion point, responsible for allocating the right. Maclaile is very strong as a single waist, defensive hardness, and strong sense of conflict. One-on-one intercept capacity is also very good. The three-person midfield is clear and very comfortable.

On the backfinder, Ernande and Wanda separated on both sides, both of them were a comprehensive side of the road, and the physical outstanding, the speed was extremely fast. Not only can I launch an attack, but I can still recover the defense when I attack and defense. The mobility of defender, Cumman, and the awareness of Bubuch is Bobuch. And the excellent height of the two can also make a perfect solution, and the corner kick attack can also make contributions.

Sky aaj ki headlines Star Player: Bouqi

Bouqi, the series of crystal selection series, is equipped with the anti-pilot, this talent is extremely improved by his acceleration and the person who is staring at people, strength, so that his defense is more stable. In the actual combat, Bobuch not only has a strong battle and fight against resistance, but also his reaction is very fast, and it is very good to grab it in advance. In addition to the defensive end, he also contributed very large, corner kick attack in the offense, he could complete the goal, attack and defensive transformation, he can launch a long pass in the backlight, and his long history is precise, You can cross half a field and complete the team’s strikes.

Sky Star Player: Sun Xingyi

Sun Xingxi is one of the left front of the game in the game. This Sun Xing, which is launched, gives dd chandana tv live online the left front, we can use the bunch of the strings, the mating lightning is equipped with the sprint speed and disk belt. . In the actual combat, Sun Xingzhen is very fast and the balance is very good. His can also respond quickly to the button operation during the sprint, the disk hand is very smooth, and the fancy moving in the macrower is very smooth. Lower hardness. In terms of score, Sun Xingzhen is very stable, whether it is still a long shot, is a high-efficiency sidewalk. He is fully capable of becoming the side explosion in your team lineup.

The above is all the contents of this periodic drill selection team. Don’t miss it!