Ferrari: "Dimo Combination" is initially present, this Tynok is suitable for Mourinho

Juventus defeated Zennet in the Champions League Council. Since the Zebra Legion is not very good in the league, Dibara and Morata have been sick after the injury. In the Champions League, Dibara did a more assists in Meikai, Mora Tower also achieved the goal, “Dimo combination” is reflected. The front of the Italian football stars, said that the efficiency of “Dimo Combination” initially appeared, the two strikes did not take into theory, but Alegi wants to develop small Kasa attribute, Xiaojan tamil hunt news paper has not injured, “Dimo combination” is formed. This Titan Kur is the main lineup seems to be more and more far. Ferrari said: “Titan Kur is suitable for Murinho.”

Ferrai hopes that Titan Kur is considering Rome. Since Localteley came to Juventus, the location of Titan Kur was shocked. If the two people can’t coexist, the space of the small Luo can’t pull it. Among the tactical federations of 4-4-2, Xiaojesa went to the front-garde position. The state of this Tantan Kur himself was not stable. The position of this Uruguayan star in the Alegi system is not clear. . Ferrari felt that if Titan Kur continued to sit on the bench in the club, his ability would have something to degrade, and his status of his national team will also change. Even if Titan Kur is in the name of the World Cup, Ferrary thinks that this Uruguayan star is also seeking transfer if he can come to Murini’s today’s state news headlines hand.

Since Locatel came to the Zebra Legion, many Italian fans hope that Alegi has cultivated “Rocky combination”, because Xiaoluka and Xiaojesa are the future star of the Blue Water Legion, if they can To form an offensive corridor, this is also a good thing for Mancini. However, in the 4-4-2 tactical formation in Alegi, Xiaojesa was used as a midfielder player. After the Morata and Dibara hurt, “Dimo combination” became a fixed front line. partner. Since the club has experienced two joints in the previous league, many branches pointed out that the two people are not suitable for their partners, and the location of Xiaudi returns to the midfield is better. If Morata can’t find a state, this Spanish striker Should sit on the bench.

In the Zebra Legion, “Dimo Combination” created a team of 70% of the team, so Ferrari said that the combination efficiency of them appeared in, of course, between the two The efficiency needs to some latest news be improved because Dibara and Morata do not seem to call. Possible Argentine star and Spanish stars cannot form a perfect partner in theory, but when C Luo is in Juwen, the Portuguese superstar and Xiaodi’s functional attributes conflict, and Suri will make C Ronal and Dibara form a cooperation. Nowadays, “Dimo Combination” is also the same, although the two have no pivot attributes, but Morata’s grab point is not bad, Dibala is more suitable for the positioning of “No. 9”, so “Dimo combination” The preliminary appearance of efficiency, the Alegi system has many effective offensive methods.

This Titan Kur’s problem is more difficult. After Verona defeated Juventus, Belgomi publicly said that the ability of this Uruguayan star was overestimated, and he could not fulfill his expectations top 100 news today in english in the Zebra Legion. Why Will Ferri said that this Tynok is suitable for Mourinio? The advantage of this inner Uruguayan star is that he has physical advantages, this is Mu Shuai direct demand for players in any position. Furthermore, this Titan Kur is very good in the defensive position. At present, the two after the Mourini’s hand is strong, if the Roman management is not fixed in the winter, if A Nenieken put this Tan Kur, he was very suitable for Mu Shuai’s requirements for defensive midfielders.

“Madman” does not change the 4-2-3-1 in the season. After the ball feels that Mourinho’s current construction team is clear – he sets a tactical framework, let the players go to this Frame “fill in the blank”. Although Mu Shuai returned to A, he will also formulate tactics according to the characteristics of the player, but his dd national hd tactical habits are difficult to change. According to the “Filling Each” thinking, if the value of Titan Kur is suitable, the magic bird’s tactical system is lacking such mid-field players. So Ferrari said that Titan Kur is suitable for Mourinho. Ferrari also pointed out that McKinny’s efficiency in midfield has also improved, which will affect this taincur in the hands under Alegi.