Fans Story | Sun Hao: Forever blood, to death

“Football is a kind, the outsider does not understand and will not care about the exercise, but if you really live new today in hindi fall in love, it will make you crazy. This may, it is the charm of football.” From the 2019 season The female ball of the cloud has witnessed the thrilling level of the hometown team from the first year of the hometown, and now gradually stabilize in the league and moves toward higher goals. Along the way, Sun Hao was touched by the enthusiasm of the fans, and also encouraged the spirit of the gardens who did not give up, and the clouds have become the totem and faith in her heart!

This year is the third year of Nantong Yunjun in China. Along the way, look back, you can’t help but feel it, this three years is really a rugged and extraordinary three years.

I still remember the Ninth Year of the cloud, because this year is the year that I meet with the cloud. In the first half of 2019, he was busy with the school. What you have the hindu tamil sports news witnessed.

In the 2019 season, the clouds will fight for the level. The final stage of the league was unbeaten, and the two-year-old defeated strong enemy, and the final closing battle was even defeated the Qingdao Huanghai, which has entered the superchar, I know, we all fight hard.

In the last ball, I have been sitting uneasy from the beginning of the afternoon. In the first half, I really can’t wait to call the main coach. This battle of life and death, I really nervously dare to breathe, because the opponent is really Too powerful. Who is finally picked up the league champion on the road, and has achieved victory! We have been successful!

The cloud will make your mood every week. Indeed, I have experienced the loss, and then I will see the hometown team, I have already become a must-see Routine every day. From paying attention current news in india to the cloud, check in every day, then sing the cloud battle songs. From football blindness, until now understand football, the rules are all right. Bet every week, there is no time to keep the mobile phone in advance, just go home to go to the second site to join the twelfth person … If you ask my totem, I point to the badge of the chest, The team logo is the totem and belief in my heart.

The most unforgettable, is also the support and encouragement of the twelfth. Whenever I go to the east platform, or in the mobile phone, I saw the fans from starting to sing to the last episode, I always made me all the body, and the tears were full. That is the most motivated shout.

Maybe some people have a violent thoughts of fans, think we are too enthusiastic and crazy, then you may wish to watch a game at the scene, believe me, you really fall in love with this team.

I have curious why we have the courage to fight after losing so many games, and you can complete the task in advance in the last huge pressure. Maybe they really have a powerful heart, let us be invincible, even if you encounter the most powerful enemies, you can not fear!

I am so lucky to be born in this aaj ka news khabar chahiye city. It is the life of the Nantong people to have a blue glory. It is you, let us, in love with football. Also in the cloud, let me more convinced the strength of persistence, let me know, I will never give up, the miracle will come, as long as you are excellent, you can pick it up.

One day is blue, life is blue! Always blood, to death is especially true!

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