Fan Zhiyi is a word! The national football u19 is not a 20th Chinese football face by Vietnam.

On March 27, Beijing time, a u19 invitation to come, but once again came again. The U18B team led by the curved waves face the Vietnamese team, and this service does not even live broadcast. As a result, the first half of the first half is suppressed by Vietnam. Although the second half has a trick, but helpless “opponent is too strong”, the final 0-1 defeated! How is opponent? The national football U18 and Vietnam’s shoot ratio is 3-20!

This is really a Chinese football that has already been losing a bit numb, and then sprinkle a salt, but can I arouse how much wind waves? The only meaning of this conversation is to prove that in this football world, there ndtv english news are two mysterious masters. One is the winner of the winner, and he led Real Madrid almost the battle. The other is the East’s predictive teacher. In 2013, his forecast, one by one in the test!

I still remember that in 2013, I was lost to Thailand. As a result, the national fans were angry, and the national football coach Kamacia was also forced to get out of class. Fan Zhiyi received an interview, very excited, he said three views: 1, small high (Gao Hongbo) is very good, why do you want him to get out of class? 2, Chinese football will lose Vietnam, lose Myanmar, don’t even face! Reporter Question: We were the first to prepare for the 2018 World Cup. Fan Zhiyi, hand: Please, change the soup, do not change the medicine!

Nowadays, these predictions are all true. The first is the problem of Gao Hongbo. After the national football samsung mobile customer care number 24×7 india breaking news today live team, the national football is once, but the national football 12 has a top 4 games and 3 losses, the fans are completely dissatisfied, and Gao Hongbo is forced to two lessons. And the issue of losing the ball, now it has been seen, the Southeast Asian football has risen. Last year, Madoni led the national foothold U22, which was a batch of Zhang Xiuwei, which was about 0-0. The Chinese Cup in the near future, the national football 0-1 lost to Thailand. Tonight, even Vietnam also lost!

Fan Zhiyi’s words, just like a cone with a general stinging. Chinese fans are already anger and numb. Now, even Vietnam has lost, will then lose anything? Chinese football spends too much money in these years, invisible coaches and foreign aids in countless quiz, our own players’ income is an astronomical figure, but in exchange for this performance.

If aajtak news today in hindi you ask Fan Zhiyi: We were the first team of the World Cup for 2022, what would he say? If you ask: 2026 World Cup is expanded, how do he say 8 places?
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