Domineering Declaration! Can Ningan Tour criticist: Many people say that I am a paid champion, this is simply funny!

Beijing time November 24th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular season fierce battle is orth. In today’s focus battle, the Pistons welcomed the challenge of the Heat at home. In the case of the first three-day leader, the piston was encountered in the end of the Heat, and finally at 92: 100.

After the transfer of the ball on this, the Pistons had encountered 3 games, and they have been reversed in the end of the last day. The current record is only 4 wins and 13 losses, ranking 2nd place. In today’s competition, the Pistons this year’s draft-shaped pylon is extremely general. He came to 29 minutes, 10 shots 2, three of the three points of the ball 7 1, free throw 1 in 1, total 6 points 3 rebound 6 assists 1 Step 4 mistakes, the positive and negative value is -11, ranked second in the team.

For the criticism they were, Can Ningan said in an interview after the game: “I don’t pay attention to the outside world comments, I will not let these affected me. But I will definitely know what the outside world says, if someone said he is not Knowing what the outside world is saying, it must be lying. But I will not change my thoughts because of others’ opinions, I am the player who will progress every day, I think this is the reason I have improved soon. “

Subsequently, Chan Ningan continued: “Many people say that I am a patron, in my opinion,
I think these people are really ridiculous, I remember this. My thoughts are: ‘Ok, let us wait Take a look. ‘These arguments attracted my attention, I am not playing, I will not say that I respect these views, but I will definitely hear. “

So far, the Canning An Afield was 31.4 minutes, and it was able to get 13.4 points 6.1 rebound 4.8 assists 1.3 steals, 34.1% of the shooting rate, 24.4% of the three-point ball rate! It is worth mentioning that in 12 games in Can Ningan, the piston team 4 wins and 8 losses. In the 5 game he did not appeared, the Pistons were 0 wins and 5 losses.