Cowboy is about to usher in the life and death war quartz, Prescott’s shoulder injury training

December 19 (Wen / ESPN TODD Archer Compile / Dak) Dak Prescott is a key figure led Dallas Cowboy in 15 weeks, he hits the Los Angeles ram. But he is not damaged when he walks out of the court. On December 18th, local time, in the death of the Cowboy Next week, Prescott shoulder injury, and the training is limited.

Ezekiel Elliott revealed that Prescott sprain the shoulder joint. The main coach Jason Garrett said that Prescot received a nuclear magnetic resonance check after defeating the ram, but “everything seems to be normal. He just accidentally hit, now he still I feel a bit uncomfortable, so I don’t want him to train the training in training today. “Prescot only participated in stretch training on the media on the media on Wednesday, without opening and jumping training and passing training.

Prescot’s last injury occurred in the first game against the ram, when he was hit by the clamor of Clay Matthews. Although the game Prescot is in full, it is reported that he feels pain, the index finger and left wrist of the right hand are very uncomfortable. Presto career has never missed any game, and Galt couldn’t even know when he was last trained.

Elliot said: “I think he just wants to rest to rest, to ensure better preparing for the next game, he will definitely play on time. I have contacted some joint problems, usually there is no problem, there is very Hard. I can’t imagine the scene that Dhako can’t play, but I understand him, he is a hard man, he is sure nothing. “

Precautions, we still come to understand the Subel Rush, Cooper Rush, who only hit 5 files this year, and only tried three times three times in the last three seasons. “I always prepare, that is the mission of the reserve player.” Rush said: “We have enough excellent players, just believe that the coach is playing, it will be fine.”

I saw that Ross has followed a team in the training. This training may exceed his previous season’s training. On the weekdays, Rush will only do training with the starting players on Friday, and the rest is responsible for imitation opponents and doing investigations.

Galert is not worried about the injury of Prescot, “he is a hard man, he will be ready.” Galt said. In addition, Prescot is not the only training-limited main offensive player, and the professional bowl left disappearance thalon-Smith (Tyron Smith) is infected, and there is no training on Wednesday. Smith has experienced the back, elbows and bulls in the season, but as Prescott, once he went to the game, he should be prepared.

Cowboy will usher in this year’s most important game, Prescot’s continuous appearance record may not be in the 16th week, but the key issue is whether he can play smooth offensive.