Chi Shangbin was done by illness, he witnessed the ups and downs of Chinese football for decades.

On the morning of March 6, Dalian football was late, Bi Shangbin died of illness, and the year was 72 years old.

From the World Cup qualifier, the World Cup qualifier was lost, and finally gave a Korean World Cup with the identity of the coach group members. From the Japanese and Japan, he went to the Dalian team to create a 15-round page news record of the league. From a large number of outstanding players to the root youth training and amateur football, it can be said that Chi Shangbin witnessed the fluctuation of Chinese football for decades, and also brought a unique imprint for Chinese football.

Dream World Cup

The entire player’s era, Chi Shangbin represents the Chinese men’s football team in 1976, 1980 Asian Cup, 1974, 1978, 1982, the 3rd Asian Games Football Competition, the 23rd Olympic qualifiers such as the 1980 Olympic qualifiers and other major events .

In 1982, Chi Shangbin took the team to hit the World Cup as the Chinese team. At that time, China’s opponent was Kuwait, Saudi and New Zealand. The Asian Cup Champion Kuwait is recognized at the time being the strongest opponent. No one thought that in the face of the Kuwait team, the Chinese men’s dd national live streaming football team became a city, and she raised a pleasing game under the leadership of Chi Shangbin. After the game, there were many lives in the country, and the sound of firecrackers was raised to celebrate this exciting victory. But in the end, because the Saudi team “put water”, the Chinese team can only enter the surcharge with the New Zealand team, and finally failed to successfully advance. “We really have not experienced experience.” For the passing shoulders of the World Cup, Chi Shangbin has been worrying.

And this regret was finally compensated in 2002. In 2001, after the Chinese men’s football team entered the World Cup final, Chi Shangbin became one of the members of the Chinese coaching group. He came to South Korea with the team, witnessed the most brilliant history of Chinese football, and finally round his own World https m aajtak in breaking news Cup dream. “As me, when an athlete is losing, this regret has always been. Finally, I have participated in the World Cup as a coach, but it is very glory.” Chi Shangbin said.

55 unbeatered records

In 1982, Chi Shangbin entered the Beijing Institute of Sports Institute to study the physiological and physiological majors. After graduation, he came to Beijing forces football team to serve as heads. However, he is not satisfied that it is only a class of life, since it is necessary to be a coach, it is necessary to be the best. So, in 1987 he chose to go to Japan, this is 8 years.

In this 8 years, Chi Shangbin is studying while teaching, and his choice club is the Japan Osaka Pub Club, and finally led the Osaka Iron Pakistan Youth League in Japan. One year later, Chi Shangbin returned to China. He became the coach of Dalian live news hindi me Wanda team, and created 55 unbeaten records in the league.

In 1994, the Chinese Football Professional League opened in 1994, and took over the Dalian Wanda team in 1995. At that year, the third place was taken in 1996. In 1996, Si Shangbin continued to lead Dalian Wanda team to get A-League championship in 1996 and 1997. Dalian Wanda created the unbeaten record of 5 consecutive days, and Chi Shangbin himself also won the title of “the best coach” in the two seasons. It can be said that he is the most representative coach in the initial stage of A A A A AP.

“I rarely saw that the late guidance is big, and it is often an angry. His character, in a sense, gradually penetrates to the Dalian team, from Zhang Yang, not In a hurry, self-confidence. “Sun Jihai said.

Trough the roots and amateur football

After the end of Dalian site google com new Jiajiao, in September 1998, Chi Shangbin coached the Sichuan Quanxing team, which was the fifth place in A league. Since then, he has successively coached the team of Xiamen Yuanhua, Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Haotian, Shenzhen Jianlibao. During his coaching, cultivated a large number of outstanding players, Sun Jihai, Xu Hong, Li Ming, Zhang Enhua is the leader.

“No matter whether football is successful or failed, I will always go, until old.” This is a sentence that Chi Shangbin often said. And he also doing this. After leaving the occupational football, Chi Shangbin puts more energy on youth training and amateur football.

Chi Shangbin has recently been open to the end of November 2020, and he and Zhu Guanghu, Li Chunman, attended the Youth Football Development Forum held in Xiamen. In the forum, he said this: “I am full of physical and mental investment in gyzykly,” I am the foundation of the national football population growth. I am the foundation of football. I am still the chairman of the China Enterprise Sports Association Staff Football Committee, mainly It is an amateur football organized by the employee, which is also a way. ”

“There are many employees who have interested in football, even send their children to play. Description This is successful, even if these employees or their children will become a professional player, but they can see Ball, can provide services to football, and may even have an entrepreneurial investment football, this is the spread of football population. “Chi Shangbin said.

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