Career Trivia Bowl: 1951 14th born Brady has selected

NFL Pro Bowl today officially announced the list, let’s look at exactly what the profession bowl funny little knowledge of it:

1. Pro Bowl began in 1938, formerly known as “career All-Star Game.” The first NFL championship against both the team and the other team all-star team composed of stars. To terminate in 1942 because of World War II, the NFL championship tournament record is 4: 1 lead NFL All-Star. So 1938–1942 year of this five-year, theoretically all of the winning team players named to the Pro Bowl.

2. similar called the “All-Star Game,” there is a football game, “Chicago All-Star Game” was in fact a preseason game. Against both the NFL last season’s champions and newly graduated senior all-star team of the NCAA (also almost a rookie All-Star team). In 1976, after the tournament is no longer held.

3. The current Pro Bowl season began in 1951, when the game is VS Midland League of Nations (then called AC and NC, history is not now the American League AFC League of Nations NFC), and later became VS east west. After that time Pro Bowl Championship Series on, players played very hard. Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown – led the American League with 28 to 27 with the victors difficult, and the two teams each in the fourth quarter of zero closure. The game the two teams are based on the T-matrix offense and 6-2 defense.

NFL and AFL merged season officially hit 4.1971 first Pro Bowl, location is still in Los Angeles, NFL27: 6 victory over the AFL. Pro Bowl in a row for nearly 30 years were held at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii since 1980.

5. Pro Bowl because now the fight is too small and dull to watch the audience’s interest, Roger Goodell was considering canceling the Pro Bowl. The good offices of the players union, the Pro Bowl in the 2013-2015 season of the reform, including the introduction captain selection system to replace NFC VS AFC, joined Skills Challenge and so on. 2016 season is the 2017 Pro Bowl is held back a traditional NFC VS AFC mode.

Pro Bowl was selected most of the players are selected for the history of 6. 14 – Tom Brady, Tony – Tony Gonzalez, Peyton – Manning, Bruce – Matthews (Clay – Matthews uncle) and Merlin – Olson. The highest number of active players named Brady, re-elected to the Pro Bowl this year, tying the record of their predecessors, and since 2009, he has been elected 10 times in a row. However, due to too many times to participate in the Super Bowl, Brady did not play a few games Pro Bowl, 20 away his previous appearances in the Pro Bowl. Most capped player is Champ – Bailey and Gonzalez and other four players who played the Pro Bowl 12 times. The number of active duty played most of the players are on the Cowboys – Jason Witten and Joe Brown – Thomas, they have played 10 times Pro Bowl, unfortunately, this year they are not selected for the Pro Bowl.

7. active players – Larry Fitzgerald is now up to the total number of array first Pro Bowl, Pro Bowl career got a total of eight touchdowns.

8. Pro Bowl can also see a variety of memorable scenes. For example, the 2011 Pro Bowl season, in one of the additional points, Drew – Brisbane attempt a throw as the League of Nations to play center, turned around and came across the array in Midland, to the cooperative for 10 years of Peyton – Man Ning opened his own career last kickoff.

9. Pro Bowl list of coaches, players, fans tripartite stations third of the vote, but this is an exception among them: long open players. Long open under normal circumstances by the players of Pro Bowl-picked coach, in addition to their team this long to open players need to avoid arousing suspicion, the coach can select all the other 15 teams in the league this long to open players. So 2019 Pro Bowl now see a list of players and no longer open.