Boss Xinhua Qi Hair Tiger Tiger 4 Swarfs will usher in the most important season of career

Andy Daltton is one of the four-point guards who have the longest time in the alliance. Since joining Cincinnati in 2011, he has not started in 8 games in the 8 seasons.

In 2014, when Dalton left into the contract year, Tiger gave them a trip to their ace. But now, in the same way, the Tiger has not intended to talk about Daouton immediately.

“I think this year is suitable for Dalton to show yourself to play our performance,” Tiger boss Mike Brown. ” “After he re-proved himself, we will negotiate with him and see if he can renew.”

To re-prove himself in the boss and the new coach, Taylor, Dalton must rebound from the last season of the injured. Last season he had a final 5 games due to thumb ligaments.

Dalton and Tiger started in the season, but when the Dalton injured season was reimbursed, the Tiger had lost 5 games in the last 6 games and has lost their hopes. The 2566 yards of Dalton came to Saidon, and the twice passed by 11 passes was copied. The transfer rate of the pass is 61.9%.

“I think Andy is an excellent player, he will rebound from the performance of last season,” Brown said to the reporter. “He was hurt. We have lost a lot of other players. The team has fallen, but if he keeps health, we will remain healthier, I have confidence in him.”

Brown’s remarks show that 2019 is a year for Dalon to prove its value. If he can’t express recovery under the new coach, then the tiger may choose to do other new people with him.