Bill activates the professional bowl of horn knives! Old will re-start or start from the rotation

October 4 (Wen / ESPN Marcel Louis-Jacques Compilation / Love) Although Buffalo Boir Ben is a three-game winning, the team does not play a convincing performance in the defensive end; but they are A strong aid of defensive second-line is about to return. On Saturday, Bill official announced that it will activate the old willer Yashi, Norman from the injury preparation list!

Norman suffered from the leg sculling disease in the first week of the training camp, and therefore missed the practice of most training camps; he returned to the training ground at the end of the training camp, but before the beginning of the season Repeated occurs. This allowed him to be included in the injury preparation list for three weeks. However, this week, he completed the team training. The good state also allowed the team to choose to activate him before the last period on Saturday.

In 2015, Norman played his own career year. The 2012 five-round angle guard completed the data outbreak in the contract, 56 times, 18 passed, 4 times, 3 times forced out Ball, the full performance of 2 picked back to the ball, so that he is unable to settled a career bowl, and follow the Black Leopard among the World Competition. However, after the end of the season, his contract negotiations with the Black Panther had a contradiction, causing the Black Panther to cancel the privilege label that was originally attached to him, officially put him away.

After leaving the panther, Norman signed a high-paying contract with Washington, and after the initial season is still outstanding, his competitive situation is bad. Last season, I was taken away by the main coach, and I would like to send a new show, I don’t let him debut, which also makes the first team to cut off his tailor. It is not surprising.

When Norman was cut off by Washington, Bill became his biggest hot, because the current Bill coach Shanen McDott was the defensive coordinator in Norman in the Black Leopard. Finally, Norman really wishes his own benefactor, and signed a year with Bill. But even Norman is activated, he is also unlikely to play as the main corner guard. The first three games, and I have just completed the four-point Guardian Gaoff.