Bid farewell to the era of one team, the Packers defense with the League of Nations based

“If we have a defense team how wonderful.” Has been the mantra of many elite quarterback. This is since 2010 the Packers fans have been repeating the mantra, but for Tucao defense group should stop here.

The past three weeks, and Keller – Murray, Macho Williams and Russell – clash Wilson, the Packers defensive combination meter released only 34 points. The last group to perform a similar defensive performance dates back to 2015, when 49 people three opponents, scoring Rams and lightning are the inverse of the year of the first, fourth and eighth.

It’s safe to say that the recent surge in defense group fighting force in the history of the Packers is rare, even from the point of view have some incredible paper.

They lost their two best defender, Darius Rada – Smith and Jieyi Er – Alexander, they should be the most critical core anti-Packers pass. However, in the past three games, the Packers released only passing total yardage 593 yards passing and a 61.9 quarterback rating.

So how do they become the league’s anti-pass it? Or, more precisely, how to become a first team Defense Minister Chuan it?

Former defensive coordinator Mike – Petín idea itself is extremely valued anti-pass, he can be a good defensive system to prevent rapid passing and RPO. Last season neatly packaged in a season RPO defensive released only 89 yards, but they are often a long pass crazy beat, shallow area grapple doing is not good enough.

This is a way of defending the right trend, Petín gradually abandoned the original single-high defense, but just not enough.

Core Packers defense troops are in the middle course. Kenny defensive spikes – Clark, security guard Adrian – Amos, Darnell – Germany Savage and linebacker Von Bradley – Campbell Packers this season’s performance is the best four defenders. The new defensive coordinator Joe – Barry did was make the four core bear most important responsibility.

To Campbell, the new task is to defend the freedom to change the implementation of various tactics in the middle.

Campbell some clear understanding of their own success this season after a victory this week, he also thanked the team gave him the opportunity long-awaited, he was the Packers defensive heart.

Campbell is no longer required in most defensive plan his stick in his area where now he can freely cast their athleticism.

The following action figure, the Packers only seven defenders in the box, if the opponent jet motion, it can create up to nine rushing void. This means that the Packers need someone to be responsible for a plurality of voids. A hole Campbell was originally responsible for the weak side, but he told all the way to the C side of the hole strong complete defense, because defense group to give him enough freedom.

That’s why he’s PFF score soaring to 84.6 from 49.0, the first league linebacker.

The 6-foot-4-inch 232 lbs linebacker has always been one of those who hold the best capture the league, but now he has a chance to get more than the past tackles. So far this season, 83 tackles attempt, which he missed only three times.

Campbell played no freedom is largely due to substantial support in the anti-security guard ran. Joe – Bari defense, Savage and Amos are “anti-pass first, run second proof” defense principles. They are not actively adapting anti-run gap, but rather to intercept those who run red big yardage. He completed a total of 21 times last season, stopped running anti. Ten weeks before the season, came just three times this number.

Not surprisingly, “Defense Minister Chuan first” strategy has been to show results. Just look at the long pass data comparison codebook 10 season and season becomes clear.

The security guard to withdraw anti-run, so that they not only affect the fake run true mass is less susceptible to last season, face a defensive EPA0.109 false run it completely, but this season, fell to 0.009, but also enable them to cornerback for the group provide more reliable defense.

In a single high defense, after a security guard guarding the field, another security guard in charge of anti-ran and shallow area, which is the norm. The anti-pass Packers this season often used, the security guard will be more aggressively to both sides cornerback up against. The chiefs of the ball game in the face of false run it completely, the Packers defense is more like cover4.

The figure above, Amos as a security guard near the start line of the ball is already from the start line of the ball to a depth of 11 yards. Considering the big chiefs use two tight end formation, even more surprising.

Amos and James Savage back in Macho pretend there is no move to start line of the ball when the handover ball, on the contrary, they can clearly observe the route and tasks being developed. The result is a rookie cornerback Eric – Stokes got help security guard at a dig route, which ran really pass defense is not possible in conventional single high defense and false.

Amos and Savage Although little support for anti-ran, but almost no effect on the defense, because they have better grapple. 53 missed tackles and missed tackles 9% rate is the lowest league.

More defensive principles are very reliable, and supported by data. That’s why the recent dominance of the Packers defense is not by sheer luck, when wounded soldiers return to full recovery may become more fearful.

Packers are not the only one to ride the new wave in the high double-team, but they have to rely on this trick to get rid of Ge of one team, become a tyrannical by the defense based on the League of Nations.