Beijing time on June 11, US Major League Baseball conducted eight games. Victories are as follows: 3-5 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks 13-8 Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers 4-3 Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics 2-6 Tampa Bay Rays, St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 Miami Marlin fish, Pittsburgh pirates 7-13 Atlanta Braves, Washington nationals 12-1 Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies 5-6.Arizona Diamondbacks 13-8 Philadelphia PhilliesOn the https://www.mlbdrakterno.comfirst inning Diamondbacks rely Gerald – Dyson, Kittel – Martti and David – Peralta homered in three straight hair made the perfect start. Under the first inning Joan – Segura also homered to make with the Phillies score points, after Franco’s RBI and Rees – Hoskins make timely hits to tie the game in Philadelphia. On the fourth, Eduardo – and Alex Escobar – Avila knocked out of their two-point shot to make the Diamondbacks once again made seven 3 lead.Under the fourth inning Scott – Gingery also blasted a solo shot, to complete the fifth inning Escobar single-game Pom, Elder Maro – Vargas also added something sent home runs, on the sixth inning Escobar’s base hit to make the lead once again to seven points, and Vargas have completed this Houjingeli single field Push, under the ninth inning Rees – Hoskins and Jay – Bruce Also fired home run ended the fight wars.Both teams add up to 13 rounds blasted home runs, setting a single-game major league home run record. Rattlesnake Escobar Vargas, Phillies Gingery have each completed a single game Pom.St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 Miami MarlinsOn the fourth Yaa Luo – Munoz’s base hit to break the deadlock in the race, the sixth inning Huoer He – Alfaro passing errors to the Cardinals and then the next two points, then Harrison – Bad goofy hit sacrifice to let the team to a 4-0 lead, under the seventh inning Alfaro scored the team first division, but unfortunately powerless against the Marlins at home or swallow defeat.Cardinals wire audience on four hits scored 4 points, starting pitcher Michael – waka 4 strikeouts six innings to win without losing a fourth victory. Marlins audience scoring position against several dozen 0 4 hits, 6 innings Alcantara 5 strikeouts 1 minute to swallow defeat cast blame.Texas Rangers 4-3 Boston Red SoxUnder the first inning Andrew – Beineitandi dichotomy guns let the Red Sox took the lead on the sixth inning Danny – Santana hits Ranger series lets break the scoring drought. In the ninth inning on a base was 2,3 out of the situation, Nuoma Er – Mazara batting let the Rangers the lead, but under the ninth inning Bullock – Holt hits let the Red Sox to tie the game. The two sides entered into a playoff competition, the Board XI Danny – Santana the first to knock out base hit, Alves – Andrews to help the Rangers scored the winning points. Rangers Santana single-game 4-hitter, starting pitcher Mike – Miner 8 innings lost only six strikeouts 2 minutes to complete quality start. Red Sox starting pitcher – Chris Searle seven innings 10 strikeouts without ERA still missed the vote to win.Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels 3-5The case of the second game was out of a base in 1, 2, – Chris Taylor and Enrique – Hernandez’s base hit to make continuous Dodge made a perfect 3-0 start. Calhoun’s solo shot to break the team scoring drought, Mike under the seventh inning – – Cole in the second innings of two-point Trout gun angels tie the game. Under the eighth inning Marcos – Mountain West’s fielding error let Shohei Otani ran ahead points, the key moment Joe – sending a burst Kelly’s throw points, the final reversal of city rivals angel home.Dodgers starting pitcher Liu Xianzhen 6 strikeouts six innings only lost 1 point, but the team fielding three turnovers and set fire to the bullpen so he missed the winning shot. Angels starting pitcher Canning six innings six strikeouts complete quality start, Trout smacked a season 18th home run hair.Oakland Athletics 2-6 Tampa Bay RaysPitching five innings the two sides into battle, under the sixth inning Brandon – Rowe dichotomy gun to break the deadlock in the game, Kevin under the seventh inning – Kiel Meyer’s shot to make the team get two points 4-0 lead, under the eighth inning Ji-man Choi dichotomy guns let the game lost suspense. Pease Coty’s base hit and Robbie – – Steven Grossman of the ninth inning hits also unable to restore the defeat sportsmanship.Athletics starting pitcher Anderson 5.2 innings lost 2 points to swallow defeat vote, all from the light-sixth home run, starting pitcher Charlie – Morton 7 strikeouts seven innings without losing eight straight win of the season, winning after light 41 wins and 24 losses ranked first AL East.Atlanta Braves Pittsburgh Pirates 7-13On the first inning Josh – Bell’s RBI let the pirates scored the first case under the second inning bases-loaded Ronald – Acuna fired a slam gun, a stick to let the Warriors ahead, this Houmaerka Guise series to rewrite the score hits on more than 1. 5 Stalin third inning – Martti gun-third points difference reduced to 1 minute. Spring gun Albis and fifth innings Freddie – – Freeman’s two-point shot to make the Warriors once again made 4-point lead at Ozzie third inning.This 后马尔卡吉斯 RBI Albis and the Warriors scored the first Pom very, although this Houmaerdi also completed Pom, plus Dixon batting let the pirates once will be sent out to 3 points. But in the eighth inning in two and gun Warriors blessing Marka Guise and then the next three points to seal the victory.Pirates Stalin – Malti Pom single-game 3-hitter 4 RBIs, Yong 士阿尔比斯 single-game Pom, Kyrgyz Marka 4 hits and 4 RBIs.Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies 5-6On the third inning, David – Bodie, Kyle – Shu Wabo knocked each spring gun, while Anthony – Rizzo’s two-point shot to make the Cubs made the perfect start to 4-0, but Rocky quickly under in the third inning complete counterattack, Charlie – Blackmon and Nolan – Arenal more than two points to make guns Rocky equalizer. Under the seventh inning Ian – Desmond oversized go-ahead home run to make Rocky completed, although the eighth inning Javier – Bai Yezi let the Cubs to tie the game again, but in the eighth inning Ryan – McMahon or knock out the winning RBI.Cubs starting pitcher Darby repair six innings lost 4 points, the whole team was scoring position several dozen 0 3 hits. Rockies starting pitcher Herman – Marquez 7 strikeouts six innings to lose 4 points irrespective of victory or defeat.