Before the patriots, the enthusiasm of the villagers, the old, the old house, paying careers, but they are ruthless

A few months ago Dion – Lewis felt that there was no respect for the patriot, and now another patriot’s running guards do so. Lewis’s anger has only last for a few months, but For Steinell-Riddley, who stayed in New England for 4 years, his dissatisfaction with the old people has been time.

At present, Ridley is active in Pittsburgh, this Sunday Patriot will travel to Hengshi Stadium and steel people, and before receiving the “Boston Pioneer News”, he is old in the last season of the Patriot. East home injury. Ridley once also rushed over thousands of yards in patriots, and now he can’t wait to go to the elderly.

“That is my old house, it’s right. The original branch is not very pleasant, now I am their opponent.” Ridley told reporters after the end of training on Thursday: “I want to play the game! Have the opportunity to go to the old people I am very excited! “

From 2011 to 2014, Ridley has played 25 games for patriots, of which 1263 yards were cut in the second season. This is the most brilliant moment of his career. But in the 2014 season, Ridley teared the cross ligament and the inside of the ligament, and the patriot had abandon him.

“I was injured, they took me as garbage.” Ridley said “Boston Herald”: “I plan to say this, but I don’t want to say it very specific. I have to be a 4-year start, but I have been there. After I was injured? I didn’t pick up any phone, this thing has always been in the throat, it is difficult to swallow. “Ridley believes that the patriots are very good, there have been no contact after the contract expires him. Directly let Ridley become a free player. He hoped to defeat the patriot, prove that the Patriot did the wrong choice.

“Including now, they are still looking for a running guard that can continue to mink.” Ridley then said: “How many running guards try to complete some coherent attacks, but the patriot only runs them as a one-two gear Delivery. “

Throughout the 8-year-old career in Ridley, a total of 737 shots and push the ball to advance 2082 yards and 24 times. However, after he left the patriot in 2015, Ridley has been transferred in New York jet, Atlanta Falcon, December last year, the steel man signed the Ridden. During the role of steel, Ridley has advanced 168 yards and 2 times. After James Connant injured, the Steel people had to enable Ridley again, and the new Xiu Jay Samuel has also got a lot of mushrooms.

Ridley believes that this is the private grievance between his and patrigoes: “I really don’t want to turn out the old account and then embleaking and stand, I hope that the two teams can play a wonderful game. We encounter 3 games, no one is laughing here, I just want to prove myself on the court. “

Finally, Reedll didn’t tell the words: “My child is still there (Boston), the old teammates are also, I think it is more competitive to compete with strange teammates in the new environment. I just stated the facts. I am not for those who are, I am an honest person. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I am very happy to be able to play on Sunday, in the face of the team who abandoned the raft after the end of the season, I You will do our best to defeat it. “

No matter how dissatisfied with Patriots, no matter what he leaves new England, you must wait patiently on Sunday. At present, although James Connant returns to the training ground, it is still in the suspected list of injuries, and the number of rushing opportunities can be obtained by Ridley, but also depends on the play of the No. 2 running Weve.