Barcelona is getting far away from the Laylia, and the scene is thrilling, the team is completely passive.

If Norreto’s last moment in the injury, in the face of the empty door, let Türstgen accidentally fell out the ball, then Barcelona will encounter a bitter kill. Although 2 to 2 is a flat, Barcelongedly takes 1 point from Selta home, and the team is currently re-enacting the advantages of 1 point in the game, temporarily returning to Western A columns. But everyone knows that according to the state of Barcelona, ??the Sika Gui-crown is only gradually farther away. At least from Barcelona’s current situation, the team has fallen into a complete passive situation in direct competition with Real Madrid.

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This game, according to the reason, Barcelona faces Serba in the edge of the downgrade, should be three points without suspense, thus kicking the pressure to Real Madrid. However, from the process of such, although Barcelona is two-degree leader, it is two degrees by Serba, even in the last moment of the game, the Selta is completed is close at hand. Barcelonians have the degree of concentration and input of this game, which is quite disappointing.

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In addition to the dedicated Mei ball, continue to use a team to go forward, this game Barcelona is not many highlights, I am afraid that Su Yarez has finally played in the official competition since January. However, in the critical moment of Sika, it is obviously not enough to rely on Messi and Suarez.

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As the fans are hot, if Barcelona doesn’t have Messi, it will be a certain level of team, don’t say that it is a champion of the resilience to fight, can you need to draw a huge question mark in the top four? . And revealed that Real Madrid even didn’t have C Luo, but the Galaxy warruily remained its good combat power. Benzema, the ministers of these humens, but also the second spring of personal career. Nowadays, in the Royal Road of La, Real Madrid gives people a must to be willing to work, and Barcelona can only rely on Messi.

Barcelona is in a disadvantage in relationship with Real Madrid. Now, in the case of a round of the game, it is only 1 point than the enemy. And Real Madrid’s opponent is the Spanish in the league. In accordance with the probability, it will know how great the Galaxy Badman gets 3 points. In this way, after this round of the Western League, Real Madrid will lead 2 points in Barcelona. And from the remaining schedules of the two teams, the challenges faced by Barcelona will be more severe, the team continues to lose the probability, compared to Real Madrid.

For Barcelona and Messi, the team only got 5 points in nearly 3 rounds, leading to the team to fall into a complete passive situation. In the remaining 6 rounds, it can only be heard of life.

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