Barceara is thinking of deceiving Harvey to review the coaching, Harvey directly issued three conditions, can’t do anything

Before Barcelona used the “feelings” to let Harvey take the initiative to regain, return to Barceloni. How to say that Harvey is also the famous Barcelona, ??and the player of Lamasia, in Barcelona, ??this invitation Harvey cannot breaking news today aaj tak refuse. However, Harvey refused, Harvey could not tell the Alzad Club, and the Alzad Club also sounded “Harvey and the club have two years of contracts, and completely focused on the next game to keep us The leading position in the league is defending. ”

It seems that Harvey did not want to return to Barcelona? Nothing, Harvey is really real, the initiative can, but Barcelona must meet the three conditions you propose! In the face of the three conditions opened by Harvey, Barcelona is hard, because the first is hard to achieve, that is, let Messi return! At present, Messi has adapted to Paris, Paris also regards Messi as the core of the team. I have to know that Barcelona wants to meet the Ningmao Paris, but now I don’t say Messi. However, Harvey has already raised Messi to come back, and it is really not as big as Messi, and dd sports today program schedule list there are many fans in the scene. The following two conditions are also introduced the players, one is Seville’s Confield, one is Leipzi Olmo.

Don’t say Messi first, it is to introduce Kongde and Olmabar without financial importance. At present, Barcelon liabilities are 1.37 billion euros, with a negative assets of more than 400 million. There is also a default of the squadrons that are owed to Certin and Camand, Messi iran news channel has 80 million euros of salary and bonuses. Don’t say to the player, Barcelona can not go bankrupt, keep the team’s operation is not bad. Harvey is also a real person, can’t do these three conditions, you will never coach Barcelona. Don’t mention anything, the football court is a business field, Guardio is 30 years old by Barcelona, ??although he returned to Barceloni, but he remembered how Barceara treated you tube So Barcelona wanted to re-welcoming tallers and also suffered!

As soon as I know, it is better to stay in Cumman, and now there is a default, Harvey can’t come, Barcelona is difficult!