bad news! One injury! The three strokes were injured, and Yang Zi was difficult!

It is probably the case. Yesterday, the Eastern Resentment Bureau, the eagle home 90-99 lost Nicks, 7 consecutive winning, the conversation is nothing, but the end of the game is not a big thing, but this game, the eagle Two players were continuously hurt.

One is Radish, shortly after the second section, Redish is replaced by Bogadan, and the Radis after the game received the nuclear magnetic resonance, confirming that the injury is the left wrist sprain, according to the state of the Redish It will depend on his daily treatment reaction.

The other is Bo Gre, the same second section, just after being replaced, Bogdan hurts the ankle when he defended land, and Bogdan has been sitting on the ground and covered his ankle. In the end of the teammate, Bogdan slowly left the stadium.

After the game, Bogdan has also accepted the nuclear magnetic resonance, the test results are the right ankle sprain, he will re-accept the inspection after two weeks, which means that Bogdan will at least absence the two weeks.

For the eagle, this is undoubtedly bad news.

Since this season, Bogdan has played 20 games for the eagle. It can get 11.6 points 3.6 rebound 2.5 assists, although the score is not higher than the season, Bogdan is still not bad, 39.1% The effective hit rate is 55.5%.

Redish is also an important member of the eagle. Before the injury, Reddy took out the battle between 21 games, and https://www.maillotbasket6.comthe average can be taken 11.5 minutes in 22.5 minutes, three-point hits 38.2% – compared to the past two years. The performance of Redish is already too much, and if it is converted into data per 36 minutes, he can get 18.4 points this season.

As a final season, the performance of the eagle is not particularly excellent, especially the opening, the first 13 games, the record is only 4 wins and 9 losses, once in the eastern countdown, there is no strong team.

Until the past half a month, the eagle relied on a wave of seven consecutive winning, but this is not easy to retrieve it, the eagle encounters the injury, and I still hurt two.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the wounded of the ethnic, just a half a month ago, Hunt also encountered a wrist injury, and also accepted the operation, the latest news is that Hunt’s wrist is still two weeks. In order to remove the gypsum, follow-up rehabilitation period is about five weeks, it is basically absent two months.

There are three side wings, the eagle is difficulty – the eagle can be able to force the tower last season, the depth of their lineup, this year’s break, the eagle chose to keep the lineup, the reason is not better than the season, but season At the beginning, TRITT, Capera, Lu Wei met some small injuries, now, Hunt, Radis, Bogdan will be absent, the eagle will face more difficult.

To this, TRRE Yang was again said.

Due to the changes in the rules of violence, many people believe that Tre Yang’s performance will landslide. The fact is that Tre Yang Ben’s free throw is 5.7 times, and the number of the past two seasons is 9.3 times, 8.7 times respectively. .

So Tre Yang’s formula has been weakened, but his overall performance is still not bad. So far, Tre Yang can get 26.0 points of 3.6 rebounds 9.0 assists, showing 46.5% of shooting in the shooting rate, three-pointer 39.4%, the real hit rate is 58.8%.

Among them, the past eight games, Tre Yang was cut down by 30+, and the average can get 28.4 points 4.0 rebound 8.8 assists, the three hits up to 51.3% / 45.2% / 87.2%, the real hit rate is 65.0% .

As a comparison, the field data of Tre Yang last season is 25.3 points 3.9 rebounds 9.4 assists, the real hit rate is 58.9% – Truropang’s score is higher than the last season in the case of the free throw. And the efficiency is basically no change, and his number of mistakes is still less, from 4.1 times to 3.8 times.

There is also a data, this season, TRIT, every hundred rounds, can create 16.3 vacancy opportunities for teammates, this number is first in the league, followed by the library (15.4 times), Yaki (14.1 times).

Due last season because of some remarks, Tre Yang has received many questions, but it is more than a prejudice. Teri is definitely a superstar level player. His score, organizational skills are very good, and now Tercha is the engine of the eagle, as long as he doesn’t hurt, the eagle still has competitiveness.

However, if you want to make a breakthrough, TRR Yang also needs more help. This team is experiencing some “happiness of happiness last season. I don’t want this year, but I will encounter injuries this year. I hope Bogdan. Redish and Hunter return, healthy eagle, never just now.