Attack front line update! Saints cut off three professional bowls

May 9 (Wen / ESPN MIKE Triplett Compilation / Love) Although the New Orleans Saints did not carry out virtual training camp, this does not mean that they have not adjusted the team. On Friday, the saints announced that it cuts the professional bowl-level right dust Larry Walry Warford; this will save more than 7 million dollars of salary space for the team. Ruietz (CESAR RUIZ) took a starting position.

The next month will usher in Wo Fold in the 29-year-old birthday in the 3 seasons of the Shengseys, you can get the qualification of the career bowl every year. In 2017, after its left lion, the Saint took it back with a 4-year 34 million contract, and the performance of the Wo Fold professional bowl is also sufficient to return the trust of the Saint.

However, in the past year, the team found that Woford’s performance was declining. And they were reseudently signed by Andrus Peat, and after the first round of the 24th step, Ruiez was being considering the offensive front line. The team said that Ruiez or the second-grade center Eric McCoy may change your striker.

“It is obvious that we will feel that one of these two will change the striker. We don’t have to use such a high level to select a replacement of the offensive front line. After selecting, I specifically pointed out that Wo Ford will face competition. Obviously, Wo Ford has not yet waited for a chance to compete, and it was swept away.

With this layoff, the saints created some teams of salary space, before this, their salary space was less than $ 4 million, and they needed to take approximately $ 2 million to sign a new show. Moreover, in the near future, they also have to continue with Alquin-Kamara, Len Ramchik, Ma Shaen, Rativo, and Demario-Davis.

The final year of Wovedord’s original contract is $ 7.65 million, and the break is earlier. He has received a list of $ 750,000, as well as a $ 100,000 training bonus given by the team. And his contract still occupies 512.5 million dead money in the team salary space.

In 2013, this height was 6 feet 3 inch, and the 317-pound of the Kentucky University of Kentucky was selected by the male lion in three-wheeled show, and opened his career with the first identity. He has been in the regular season, including 44 games in the saints in the past 3 years, and also played 5 playoffs for the saints; and believed in the title of his professional bowl, I believe it will be smooth afterwards. Find home.