Attack front line, the whole staff returned to the horses to create the strongest pavement to attack Taylor became the MVP popular candidate this season

For a long time, everyone recognizes that the passive attack is more effective than pavement attack. The attack and defensive of passing the attack has directly determined the team’s wins. However, there is no example in the alliance to defeat the opponent by the road attack.

The 11th week of the Indianapolis pony rely on the pavement offensive away from the recognized Mado Union’s strongest team Buffoft. The whole game is 45 times, running out 264 yards; as a control, quartz, San Wenz, only passed the 106 yards. Finally, pony went to Bill in 41 to 15.

After this competition, the team runs Jon Nathan-Taylor’s discussion of the most valuable players this season. Although the pavement of the pony has most of his credits, it is obviously unable to protect the pavement of the League.

Three weeks before the start of the season, Taylor only ran out of 171 yards. There was no one in the 1 time, and the pony was also connected to three games. Many people thought that this season Pony had to collapse. From the fourth week, the pavement offensive efficiency of the pony has been significantly improved to the unique level.

Whether it is a rushing code, rushing code, rushing up to the number or collision, the number of spots is pushed, and the average running ball is expected to score, from the fourth week, the score of the horses is the first.

Before the start of the season, a big reason for the struggle of Pony roads was a number of offensive front line players. Left Diagonal Erick Fisher, Right Diffun Bradden – Smith is injured. The forefront of the front four tabs is the second of the league. When the two returned, the expression of the pony offensive cutting is jumped to the top of the league. From the fourth week, the horses also scored 31.6 points.

Such a ruling road attack from another side of the team, four-dimensional Weimme reduced pressure. This season’s league defensive against the double high position, making many main balls to eat the team, can face the pony in the opponent, do not dare to put such a form, need to arrange more force to inhibit the pavement attack on the defensive frontline. According to relevant statistics, from the fourth week, pony faces the frequency of the double high defensive formation in the countdown eighth.

When the opponent is jealous of the pavement of the pony, the team’s pass space has also become bigger. The routine of the small road attack is also the most abundant in the alliance. In the face of Bill’s first wave of attack, they used at least 7 sets of road attack tactics.

The purpose of tactical design is to prevent the other party’s second-line defensive players to rush to defensive front lines. If the Taylor holds a pair of second-line defensive players, Taylor has a very big advantage. Such tactical design is significant and successful once again in the game.

Weight 226 pounds, 40 yards can also have a speed of 4.39 seconds, Taylor rushes up, like steam trains, it is daunting. After he hit the 3.8 yard, this grade exceeded Drek Henry. Breakthrough, the number is the first place. If the pavement offensive of the pony can keep the single field of more than 250 yards, there is no team in the league to stop them.