At the end of the day, 7 times shot 18 points Durzan to interpret why?

Beijing time December 3, NBA regular season, Bull away 119-115 dancing Nicks, the record came to 5 wins and 8 losses, ranking second. This game, Durozan is a key figure of the Bulls. He appeared 37 minutes and 48 seconds, 19 voted 12 voted, including free throw 11, cut the highest 34-point 6 rebound 3 assists.

Especially the key to the fourth game, Durzan 7 shots 6, including the free throw 7 in 6, single section get 18 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, help the team successfully defeated the opponent. In the context of the union, the Drozan Site game did not have three-pointer shot. He used his own fire pure in the pure capital, and technical defeated New York Nicks.

In the past 3 seasons, Duro praised the San Antonio Spurs. At that time, many people feel that Duro praised over, even the all-star couldn’t enter. But in this season, he added himself after the bull team.

Drozo is in favor of the King of the NBA

Drozo is in favor of the King of the NBA

to statistics, Durzan has already taken 165 points in the fourth quarter, and the end of the festival scored 7.5 points, and the two data ranked first in NBA. At the same time, Durzan’s shooting rate has also exceeded 50%. He relies on vintage median, becoming the king of NBA’s last day.

“Durzan has been doing this in his entire career. When you give him space, he is a great terminal,” the head of the coach Dorno said. “Durozan is unhappy. This is a great help to our team.”

Durzan’s data in the fourth quarter has proven that he is the most critical player in today’s NBA.