Although I still don’t want to be trained in Weijing, I will return to the training camp next week.

August 16 (Wen / Courtney Cronin Compile / 皓阳) Viking has not yet running the renewal of Dalvin-Cook with them, but Cook is not as choosing the star players who have not been able to get the big contract. Tell, he announced that he will start training next week.

“I will go back to the training ground, and I will work hard with my teammates. I have cheered together.” Cook said, “I will do one-thousand efforts, lead our young team to advance. I like team lockers Atmosphere, the new season, we will do something big. “

Cook is currently not willing to get a big contract during the offset period. The next season will be his rookie contract, his salary will be $ 1.33 million. On the occasion of the training camp in July, Cook is inquiry in time, and there is no dismissal to give him a good reputation after the unsuccessful contract is unsuccessful. After that, Cook also participated in the team meeting. If he did not return to the team before the remembering date, he will become a restricted free player next year.

Although the outside world is constantly reporting that if the Cook did not get a weighted contract, he would dismiss it, but the professional bowl of the year of this year, said that he never wandered the thoughts.

“I have never thought about going to the road.” Cook said in an interview, “I like football, I like the people of Viking, I will forget all troubles when I am with them. Stadium, dress Room and teammates are my happy source, I reiterated myself never missed the thoughts. “

“Rugby is my favorite thing. I am a professional player, so I have no reason to dismiss it. I am here now, I am trying to prepare for the new season. I am in the whole course, I am trying to train my own technology, trying to train. The new season, I have to achieve a big thing. “

During the question and his broker and team negotiations, Cook did he “long practiced” on the training ground, he said he would not be like this, he will not be injured and fully trained.

“I didn’t think about these problems”, Cook said that she would not be lazy. Is how to deal with it after it happened. Nothing hurts can’t heal. I always think about it is not a good ball. I can do it only to adjust my body to an excellent state, which will maximize I am hurt myself. “

Cook also said that he is now looking at the first week of the season, and there is no much consideration without renewal. He also said that his broker is negotiating with his new contract and Viking people.

“With the renewal of Cook, it can not be considered from business. I know how important Cook is for us. Looking for a result that satisfies both parties. “