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  The sixth round of the 12th game, the national football 1-1 is flat, Australia, after the game, the coach Li Tie, and Yan Junling attended the conference. Li Tie talked a lot at the press conference and time up to 32 minutes.


  * Summary Competition

  Just like we said before the game, I told the players to make difficulties to make Australia, it is better than the first player, the player did, I am proud of them. This is a very difficult competition, and seeking truth from facts, the opponent’s strength is better than us. I have always emphasized that no matter who the opponent is, I have to show the most authentic one, don’t give up. The team has improved in this two years. The gap between the team and the opponent is new breaking news very large.

  Get a very fortunate, all players are united, I hope the team is getting better and better. Since this year, you haven’t experienced these, you don’t know how such life is more cruel. We went to a lot of places.

  * What can be brought about from fresh blood like Barton, and there is more fresh blood to debut?

  First of all, I want to say something, including I have some discussions on us. The attitude I always stay is that he also accepts even if it is criticized. If you say something, you will see it. For Chinese football, I can talk about it, no one knows more than I know more than the player and the national team player.

  Xu Xin 27 this year, can you imagine whether he is the second national team? When we call Barton, many people news about think we are crazy. But we have to give young people, this is a trend.

  Including Luo Guofu, I played 67 minutes. He has been in the past year, and the largest of his kick is 55 minutes of Super League. When he just came to the national team, the state was very poor, and we used it for 3 months. 67 minutes on the game catch more than 90 minutes known in Shanghai. He is a very effort to work, and we help him restore at a little bit.

  I don’t want to review any player here, but I want to say that everyone spent more in football is more than anyone!

  * Luo Guofeng’s situation and Jiang Guangtai’s injury, what is the arrangement of going back

  Jiang Guangtai’s initial diagnosis is a bit strain, and will return to China tomorrow. It will have accurate news new judgment after returning to China. Luo Guofei I hope he has been playing more than one time, he still has problems in two or three days before the game, and there is no problem in the game. It is also very hard in the competition, and emotions can also be infected.

  The player returned to the country to carry out three weeks, and then returned to the club. I said that you feel that you will find an objective factor, but the player is too easy. When the Chinese football is most difficult, including me has never experienced. So long-term closed isolation does not meet family, and then end isolation is such a dense league. Change to foreigners players and coaches them will be crazy. Australia’s No. 7 is because I don’t want to isolate the first two games that have not played the 12th game. If you change to the gnews english Chinese team player, can you accept the outside world and the media? Everyone is hard. I dare not say how good it is, in the past two years, I have not played a game than myself, and the first game in the 12th is Australia. These things we must swallow. I can only wish the players good luck, don’t hurt in the league. This is not a normal situation, this is a unconventional situation, can kick the league and warm-up match. Our players don’t have time to rest for 3 days, how do you let them show a better competitive level? How can I improve them? The player is really not easy.

  I didn’t work before these experiences, I am also trying to overcome. I just got to be alone, he couldn’t stand it. He will return to Brazil here. He will not play with the Guangzhou team.

  * Have you encountered important news of today in india this situation before, how to deal with

  How does Alan do this? Dear friends? I can only deal with it yourself, I can’t express frustration and dissatisfaction, some people will say that there is almost the same game and no home, this kind of human brain has a problem. Here, I said that there is a home court and no homeland. In Suzhou kick, we have a big might take a 6-point home. I can now say that I am a relatively young coach. I think it is only to make yourself more and more powerful, and others are not right. We are all accepted. Our job is like this. Everyone working with us knows how much we have worked, we can do it today. You can ask foreigners, I asked what you will do with the previous teammates and coaches, they say they will be crazy.

  I am very proud of players, there is no doubt that our level is not high, but we can only try our best to improve yourself, I can only use my more than 30 years to face difficulties? I have also experienced a lot of difficult moments. I have to say a word with my friends. Thank you.

  From November 17, 1993. I took a plane to Brazil, staying in Brazil in my best in my life, I still want to pay tribute to the teacher, Zhu Guanghu. When he went, he was almost the age of age, and he was more talented for the 2000 Olympics and the 2002 World Cup. Strive to overcome difficulties is a man, this is what Chinese man is doing. Finally, tell everyone, there is a home court and no home court.

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