After Manchester United, the anti-solid leakage spoon was lost in 9 times, so how is it for Manchester City?

Manchester United starred in Belgamo in Belgamo, and they were successfully retired in 2-2 scores in 2-2. True blue and black controlled most of the game and entered the replenishment stage at 2-1 until C Luo took a wonderful score in the 91st minute. Despite all three points, this precious point will ensure that Manchester United Champions League knockout, can be questioned again about Manchester United. The Solska team once again struggled, Sapata and Irich have caused a variety of confusion. Manchester United has lost 13 balls in the past five games, and the focus of people is mainly concentrated in the performance of Zhongwei Maquier.

Since 20like news19, the 28-year-old player has often been unfair attacks of fans and critics, mainly because of 80 million pounds of transmissions to make him the most expensive defender in history. But in his first two seasons, Maguene was basically stable in Manchester United. He performs excellent in Europe in the European Cup in 2020, but the England team enters the finals, but beat it by the Italy in the penalty battle. However, there is no doubt that the performance of the Macerey season has fallen into the well-known low valley. Whether it is a 2020 European Cup, it is still a small injury encountered due to the legal problem last month, or what is the other reason, Macques is quite bad in the performance of 2021-2022.

In fact, Maquier has committed nine errors in this season, causing opponents into the ball. In the nearest first, news of the day today Maguir has a mistake in the process of entering the second goal of Atlanta in the Champions League, first of all, and then he dragged in the end, then his horses failed to block Columbia. Go forward, after, he can only send this striker to complete the goal. In the previous family 0-5 defeated Liverpool’s game, Maquier also greeted two degrees, first in the second grain of Liverpool, he collided with Luke when he was in the air, leading to Liverpool in the penalty area. The frontier completion is completed and is done by the Range Tower. After that, he didn’t see Sarah, which was inserted from behind, and the result was grabbed by the Egypt.

When the Champions League is facing Atlanta, Marcel is lost in the corner of the corner, so that the opponent completes the head. However, after him, he will make the megadownload megadownload tv 5 news online megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload. In Manchester United 2-4, he sent a big gift for the former East – the fox city almost every goal has his mistake as a background: Manchester United 1-0 lead, Ma Kuil was steal by Ishina Qiao, the latter passed to Tip Mans, and Belgian will divide the score. After that, Maquier gave a mistake, gave the ball to Dhaka, Zambian’s shoot gave the opportunity to break the door, and let Leicester’s anti-ratios. After Rushford will be divided into 2-2, Leicester has completed the goal through the kick, and Maquier defended Waldi, and went to the opponent into the ball. Before the end of the competition, Maquier leaked the card in the defensive free kick, and scored from his opponent from his own.

And his first mistakes in this season also appeared in the Champions League. In Manchester United 1-2 to Bern, Manchester United is not able to solute the right path of the opponent, leading to the Swiss line up. The score, although this goal is a bit harsh, but still is still a defender. Considering that the season has just entered November, Marcel has made 9 mistakes to lead the ball, which is a worrying fact. According to data statistics, the 28-year-old player made a mistake in the last season of 10 times, and now he has almost reached this number. However, there is one thing to be acknowledged, that is, eight of the nine mistakes in this season have occurred after 20 days after the calorie was injured in 20 days, after 20 days of being on October 15. Perhaps this English guard has not fully recovered? No matter what reason, he must constantly improve, especially before the next face of more powerful opponents, for example, in Manchester City this weekend.