21-22 season German sentinel 1 12th round 1: Otsu’s situation is more dangerous, Bayern is good

NS13 rounds of German early, Stuttgart 2-1 Limmexyinz, ended 5 rounds of embarrassment. Today, in the morning of Tomorrow, there will be 6 games in this period. This article will be briefly analyzed about Wolfsburg on the focus of Dormmund’s focus (Important injury and prediction starting from “playing the ball” official website.

Confrontation history:

Dortmund is the Kars of Wolfsburg, nearly ten times of De Arms9 wins and 1 flat advantage is obvious. In his home Volkswagen Stadium, Wolf Fort has been 6-game losing streak, and they lost 0-2 last season.

Important injury:

Wolfsburg:Castels, Schragel

Dortmund:Belinham, Grero, Little Azar, Morey, Muoco, Reina, Wolf

In terms of the main team, the gods Castels infected new crown viruses were still in the isolation period, and Schragel had not yet from the injury.

The visiting team, Bellinham (knee problem), Grero (muscle problem) and small Azar (infected new crown) absent competition; Morey is still in the injury recovery period, Muoco (eye inflammation), Rena (muscle injury) and Wolf (thigh injury) are also highly avoided.

Image Source: “Player”

Predicting start:

Wolfsburg(3421): Peerwan / Laklua, Gira Virgi, Brooks / Baku, Prenke, Arnold, Paul – Otavio / Luke Bagio, Emerais / Weihoster

Dortmund(433):Kibell/ Moniye, Akani, Humels, Shurtz / Vitsel, Emre-Zhan, Daxhad / Royce, Malan, Brant

Wolfsburg Week Central Champions League0-2 Lons to Seville, the team is lost without a temper in the scene. Plus up round of the round league and the weak brigade Lefeld, the international competition is returned to the Wolf. At present, they are in the sixth place in the standings, the results are not excellent, and the net winch is just 0.

Cristiano Ronaldo pelipaidatCoffirl Source: “Player”

Manchester United dresAs a representative of local less handsome,The 39-year-old Copert took Wolfsburg handshake in the end of October, and he saw his head in tuning, and the team also had a good attack. However, 5 games after picking up, Wolf came from 7 goals, and it is not much different from expectations. In terms of the author’s observation, the team’s front field operation and cooperation is still slightly rough, not delicate and smooth, this is a need for more time to sharpen and accumulate. Before the Shuai, it is not good at the defensive field of the tuning, and the Wolf is currently unsatisfactory.

After Koffte entered the Lord, Wolfsburg mainly called the Sanyangwei system, which is the formation of frequently used during the period of not teaching. After the latter line, La Cruva and Brookis still maintained the main position, and the two were separated from the old man. As age growth and injury, Gira Vauch’s exercise capacity and coverage have declined, and the waist is not suitable. And retreat to the middle and center, can avoid the lack of this aspect to some extent.

(Figure) Gira Vvit

The team turned into three sides, and the right rear gitmabbab was a bit of affected: he was originally the absolute main force of the team, but he only had a first time in the nearly five games.In the 343/3 421 formation, the Baku will be withdrawn as the right Wing Gui, where there is no location, in fact, his overall performance is not as good as the season, it is not surprising. The advantages of taking the battle, his body and impact will have a space in the attack.

Summer window joining Lucas– En Meisha, is the second time for Wolfsburg. Compared to the ranking of the soy sauce in the last tenure, the 22-year-old front front is ushered in the powerful outbreak. In particular, Koai came to go to the three Germans, showed a good state. In the frontcourt, Enmes can play multiple locations, and Weihoster will be left, the ball and grab point abilities are good. His shot is simply skeleton, and there is a calm door to the door that does not match.

Enmeha images Source: “Player”

Compared to Meisha, Weihoste’s ability has not been fully released under the new hands. You must know that this Dutch country is in the three seasons.In the 100th prostitutes, 53 goals were scored, the efficiency of the goal was very stable, but his recent performance was not excellent. If Weihoster’s firepower is activated, it is the double gun allocation, and the offensive of Wolfsburg will naturally be more sharp.

Dortmund Week Champions League1-3 Located in Portuguese Sports, the possibility of a group outline has been lost. The team only puts the first bayren in the leader. If the game is wins, the team can temporarily pay. However, the passenger record of the Dotbook season is more bad, and the five Germans will lose three, such a result is obviously unsatisfactory.

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Dortmund’s injury is very serious, and the ace shooter Halland is absent, allowing the team to have the most deadly weapon in the attack. Fortunately, in Norwegian, this round has been repeated, you can follow the team to go to the road, although the first is difficult, but there is still hope for the main battle. When Hallant is not there, Marren will appear in front of the front end, but spend the team.His performance of 30 million euros is much lower than expected, and the wind is unable to integrate into the team, so far he only entered 1 grain score.

Hallant is not in the period, picking up the team to attack the banner or teamal soul Rois. This season, Rosse’s entry changed the team’s formation (4312), but the positioning of Array is not changed. He can still play his ability in the No. 9 half position, which can organize the attack on the team, send a subtle pass for the teammates, can also pass Running and smell you have a chance. Nearly five rounds, Royce has entered 3 grades and is critical. In addition, he also sent 3 German assists this season.

(Photo) Royce

The rear of Dort’s latter defense is also very large, and the left-guard Grero does not have a qualified substitute. Grero is not just a bearder guard who actively assisted. Many times he will close closer to the middle road. In the event of the team’s transmission ball system, he has the number of passes, and the number of key passes is often a team. Inner column. The replacement candidate of this location, whether Schutz or Paslak, is limited, even the basic side guards are difficult to achieve, and it is more difficult to participate in the overall transmission of the team.

In addition to Grero, another influence is Berlinham, he is because the knee problem needs to be taken, the attendance rate before this season is very high. The English teenager progress is quite obvious this season. In the new handsome new system, it can be used as a fish to describe water: Luoze gave him a great freedom and forward space, and the increase in the middle of the midfield will make him no worries. .

(Photo) Belinham

Belinham is very active on the court, specializing in the defensive pressure to the opponent through his own disc and advancement. He scored3 grains have little, but the grains are wonderful, this is the cash of the confident burst. In addition, he also sent 6 assists this front of the season. It can be said that he can provide unmanned replacement.

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