20-year-old Xinjiang teenager’s Cup broke out: the mouth Xu Yang bluntly he can enter the national football!

The 3rd round of the Chinese Football Association Cup was carried out in Zhou, and one of the most attractive concern. Without the premise of the AFC event and the national football game this week, it recent newspaper articles became the most popular contest in China. However, it is disappointing that this game does not have a video live todays main news broadcast, and the goal of the goal after the game is just the picture of the scene, which makes people feel that Chinese football needs attention and development. This situation is really sad.

This is the third round of the first round of the football team, and the pure-native football club in Shaanxi Daqin is sitting at the main scene of the town. The Chinese football old bodcasting, China’s giant Zhejiang Greentown game, the reason this game is Zhou Zhou The most popular competition in China is because this team of Shaanxi Daqin’s water is all the biggest hopes of Shaanxi people who love football. The team is one of Xi’an and even Shaanxi’s football atmosphere, and this home is even more It is hot than a lot of supermarkets!

In the first round of this season, Shaanxi Daqin’s water will overcome Beijing Institute of Technology at home 3-1. The number of audiences is higher than 20,000, and the number of people who have exceeded the other 13 games, even more than Zhongjia. The team is high, and it is also the most popular in the home court. Then, the second round, B league, Shaanxi Daqin present news Water has achieved great victory in the homeland, the team 6-2 wins Zibo Sunday, and this competition Shaanxi Shengsuki stadium ushered in 20,000 87 people as a team Help, and the number of people in other 13 games in China added no more than this game!

Nowadays, Shaanxi Daqin Water in another place outside China, the Football Association Cup finally passed the third round of competition, the team was able to have a higher and low in Zhejiang, the Chinese football, strong, and the game nature also attracted two sides of the fans. Follow, the number of seats in the game is as high as 22,869 people, creating a record of the number of hits in the game in this season, and the highest scene of the top 3 rounds, the number of people, but, such a favoring game is Fans can’t see video live!

Earlier, there was an early news that a live broadcast aaj newspaper hindi platform will live broadcast, but the game is announced to cancel the live broadcast, so that many fans are very disappointed, and Shaanxi related TV stations have no broadcast. This also triggered a lot of fans, and there is still a large number of fans who don’t want to find live clues at the time of the game, but the fans will be quite disappointed after the game. In this wonderful game, Shaanxi defeated Zhejiang Greentown. The next round will meet the super-leader Yang Shanghai in Hong Kong, but there is no 1 broadcast in China to become the biggest regret and sorrow in this game! (Lao Qiu Zhongyu Ball Review)

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